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Story Time Tuesdays!

The Old Man and The Play “We’re going to be neighbors,” a white haired man said to me in the balcony of the Old Vic Theatre. He took off his tweed coat and draped it on the back of his chair next to mine. I smiled politely and nodded at

Story Time Tuesdays!

In an effort to get my writing into the public realm, I’m going to post an essay or a story every Tuesday on this site. So please subscribe, bookmark, or check back here once a week for a new story from moi. My first story is a tad lengthy for

How I’ve Been Entertaining Myself

I went to Bath with some friends and we stayed in a hostel where I discovered this romance novel tucked between the cushions of the couch. Naturally I had to read it out loud to my friends. I made these video voice overs for them but I think you might

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