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Public Service Story

Saturday night I was biking with my friend Michael on East 10th Avenue when our quiet night took a turn. We’d been biking past a guy and his girlfriend on our way to East Van; the girl was pedaling slowly having difficulty with a hill. When the hill switched to

Observations in VanCity

What I Learned from Hanging Out on Commercial Drive this Weekend I love people watching. This weekend and friend and I gawked on Commercial Drive; a street in East Vancouver that’s the epicenter of drumming circles, poetry slams and devil sticking in the city. Well, that’s not entirely true, over

Book Review

I Don’t Care About Your Band by Julie Klausner I’ve dated countless disappointments; fauxhemians, moody artists, narcissistic actors, bi-polar designers, and other emotionally unavailable men. I’ve spent a lot of time standing to the left side of a stage because I dated musicians. Some of them are nobodies, some of