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Happy Halloween Can Con

Isn’t it time for a Friendly Giant reboot? Yes, yes it is.

Halloween Party

I went to the Waldorf this weekend where I saw a lot of this   And a little bit of this and this … But I was sober… Eventually a guy hit on me and this happened   Why did I do that? and sober.

Halloween Memories

It’s Story Time Tuesday! Here’s a theme story just in time for Oct 31! It’s Halloween; the time of year where children dress up in whatever costume reflects their subconscious desires and run around the neighborhood asking for candy. It brings back memories. As I’m working a job-job on the

Night of the Living Ovaries

It was Halloween 2006 or 2007 and I was walking around my neighborhood in the evening soaking up the spook-tacular energy that was in the air. I did this not to creep people out but because I missed the fun and excitement of Halloween as people my own age like

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