Chillin’ and Illin’

It’s been over a day since the GVPTA Making a Scene – Devoted and Disgruntled conference ended and I’m still feeling inspired. I started the conference not sure if I was still interested in theatre but leaving it I know I’m very interested in the theatre community and creating something

Making a Scene

I arrived at W2 Storeum a little late this morning, luckily the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance’s (GVPTA) 2010 conference hadn’t started yet.  But it didn’t matter; as I later learned, ‘Whenever it starts is the right time.’ Walking into a room of theatre artists is always a little intimidating

Devoted and Disgruntled

When I was living in London one of my theatre friends took me to this event called Devoted and Disgruntled. It’s organized by Improbable Theatre and uses Open Space Technology as a way of creating dialogue about issues and getting many people to come together. For me, the event was

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