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After a successful show …

 I’m like … Some of my friends are like… But most people reading this post will be like … Thanks everyone! Last night’s Say Wha?! show was super fun. Next up: Teen Angst Improv at the Vancouver International Improv Festival – Save $5 with promo code “TeenAngst” then Fifty Shades of

My Week Without Makeup – Day Seven!

I made it! Seven days without makeup and it really wasn’t that bad. I survived! No, I flourished! I became enlightened about my appearance all because of the last week. The allergic reaction that caused this product purge has cleared up; I haven’t wanted to scratch my eyes out for

My Week Without Makeup- Day Five

Thankfully my eye itchiness and red puffy yet chapped lids have healed and returned to normal. I’ve successfully kept the cat out of my room for five days now. I haven’t washed my face with anything but water, especially not any of my new expensive products. I’ve even been able

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