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You might have noticed that I cancelled the 50 Shades of Say Wha?! show (scheduled for March 11). That’s because my grandmere passed away last Friday and I’m out in the Okanagan visiting my family. She passed away two days before her 90th birthday and as much as we miss

When Someone Asks Me If I’m Spending The Holidays With My Family…

    Family, I love you, but there are better/ less stressful times of year for us to get together. What’s my deal with Christmas? See this post. 

Why I Hate Christmas

Christmas is coming and my angst is coming fast. I’ve had a few nightmare holiday experiences that have made me boycott most of the season; have a listen and find out exactly what happened to me at Christmas when I was 18 years old.Told at The Flame on December 1,

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