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I CAN’T EVEN! THIS POSTER IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT POSTER I’VE EVER HAD FOR A SHOW. (Ok, I loved my solo show F.O.A.D.’s poster – here’s part of it) It perfectly sums up Say Wha?! The show I host and produce where funny people read from terrible/crazy/silly/incredibly weird

The Truth

Someone said to me today, “From your Twitter it looks like you’re rockin’ Toronto.” Wha?! My Twitter has only been about the sad/ weird/ amusing things I’ve seen or thought. It’s interesting, in that funny and sad way, what people will glean from others’ social media posts. I saw this

When A Guy “Likes” Everything …

… I post on Facebook. Then they “like” a bunch of old, old photos of me, I think … Of course, they don’t.

Spicoli on SNL

My friend Andrew started a campaign to get Sean Penn to reprise his role on as Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont high on SNL. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Join the campaign on Facebook and let’s see what can happen. Group page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=148285945207409 Just imagine… It could be Spicoli today.

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