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Crazy Eyes and Honest Abe

Have you seen me on your TV lately? No? Well, here’s some screen time with my face. The first one might not have made it to air but I just found it online. The second one came out this week.

I Was On SNL! Well….

A few weeks ago my father emailed me to say that he was watching SNL and he saw me on TV. The Edible Arrangement commercial I was in aired during the first commercial break. The first commercial. Ya know, the one that’s sometimes a fake commercial. Well, that’s when this

Vancouver Has A Museum? Long Version

What’s the Museum of Vancouver? It’s not the place by all the hot soccer players.

Vancouver Has A Museum?

I did this commercial for the Museum of Vancouver. You should really check that place out. This is the 15 second spot for this commercial. I hear there’s longer ones to come, so follow the MOV online and stay tunes. Or… I’ll probably let you know about them.  

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