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Vogon Poetry Wanted

When I was a teenager I rebelled against my sci-fi loving family by straying as far away as I could from that genre; basically I read things like Jane Austen and essays on third wave feminism. Because of that I missed out on reading this very funny book. Luckily though,


Ode to Snapple Peach Iced Tea After I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge I yearned for my thirst to be clenched Like an oasis, a quick-ie mart appeared Transporting me back to my youth Slid back the refrigerator door that separated us like a boarder Brought you to the twelve

My Week Without Makeup- Day Four

Apparently I’m not the only one on this fresh face trend. Heidi Klum recently was photographed for People’s Most Beautiful People issue without makeup.  Jessica Simpson did a photo shoot for the May issue of Marie Claire au natural. I think these photos are interesting because at first glance they

More Teen Angst Videos

In December I produced a Teen Angst night in London at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club – a fantastic venue in East London- we got some great footage of the event. If you want to check it out I recommend viewing it all at http://www.teenangst.ca/video Here’s a clip of

Last Show in London (for a little while at least)

Well, my year in the UK is coming to a close (but I may be back!). I’m up to my neck in MA scrambling but I managed to book a last minute spot at Spoken Space next Wednesday.  Woohoo! I’ll be doing 10 min of my solo show F.O.A.D. next