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Whenever I try to swim in the ocean …

… before late July

When I go out on a Friday Night

At First   Then I realize  

We’ve Had So Much Sun in Vancouver

Yes, that thing in the sky is the SUN! Go and soak up that vitamin D.

A Post About Hockey

How most people feel about the Canucks’ loss How I feel As an event producer I have to feel this way. Also hockey boys used to beat me up when I was a kid … so there’s that.

I had a day off and …

… I got sick, AGAIN!

Message from me to everyone on Granville Street

this Saturday night Me: Why was I on Granville Street on a Saturday night you might ask? I was hanging out with a friend who was hanging out with American sailors. Never again will I attempt to party like a 20 year old. I haven’t seen a mess that hot

When I bike to work and some dude…

… cycles past me crazy fast and I meet up with him at a traffic light 30 seconds later, I’m like… Also… spandex shorts?

Spring Time

The weather this week has been fantastic. The cherry blossoms are out and my street looks beautifully pink. I’m riding my bike to work and loving my commute! (No unicycles seen so far). It’s times like this I’m so glad I live in Vancouver.    

A couple hundred people…

…have heard my podcast so far. Yay! xoxox You haven’t? Go and listen to it now. Also, it’s Say Wha?! no T, for branding purposes. Subscribe in iTunes


Last weekend my heart was all Then I got a job working as a researcher for a TV show with some wonderful people where I get to spend my day looking for fun and crazy stories. THEN I noticed that so many people have been downloading my podcast including people in the

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