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What is “The Chair”?

It sounds ominous doesn’t it? THE. CHAIR. It’s pretty simple. There are 8 actors on stage and one chair. The actors take turns sharing a monologue which was written for them by John McGie. There are no props and no costumes. It’s bare bones theatre. John asked the actors to

Vancouver Has A Museum? Long Version

What’s the Museum of Vancouver? It’s not the place by all the hot soccer players.

My Life and Auditions

Me in everyday life Me working on an audition Me at the audition Me after the audition   Remind me, why it is I want to be an actor? Oh right, I’d like to get paid to perform. How about this? Why don’t you tell your friends to come to

How I feel after most …

… auditions I go on

Animated Gif Post

Me (and possibly my agent) when I get called on three auditions in one afternoon.

Me On TV Briefly

Don’t tell anyone about this, because I’m probably not supposed to do this. I found a clip of me on some American TV show that filmed in Vancouver. Watch and be amazed!

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