Toronto Observations – Part 2

I’m still alive in the big smoke! And I’m no longer living with cats!! I’m so excited to not have hair all over my clothing or being woken up by random mewing. Although it was really cute when the scaredy cat finally warmed up to me (before she decided to sleep on my chest every night).

So, what’s been going on?

Well, I was hanging out in Trinity Bellwoods Park, as all semi-employed artists do, and a butterfly landed on me. Then it flew away. Then it flew back and landed on me again. This happened two more times. Basically, it was my longest relationship in years.

Plus, it means good luck, right? Or is that getting pooped on by a bird, because that happened too.

One thing I’ve noticed about Toronto is there are a heck of a lot of psychics with storefront businesses. I haven’t looked into this too much but it’s kinda neat. Mostly in the sense that so many of them can pay their rent. Then again, they could be the Toronto equivalent to Vancouver’s ‘late night massage parlours.’

I was lucky enough to go to a TIFF screening of Boyhood, Richard Linklater’s new film – the guy that did Dazed and Confused and those Ethan Hawk walking around Europe movies. Check out the trailor for it here. It’s a great film. Great meaning I balled my eyes out at the end.

Here’s my real observation. Segways are to Toronto what unicycles are to Vancouver. They haunt me and apparently, I’m the only one of my friends here that sees these things all the freakin’ time!

Now, how are you doing?


SayWhaPoster2014I CAN’T EVEN!

THIS POSTER IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT POSTER I’VE EVER HAD FOR A SHOW. (Ok, I loved my solo show F.O.A.D.’s poster – here’s part of it)

It perfectly sums up Say Wha?! The show I host and produce where funny people read from terrible/crazy/silly/incredibly weird books.


Facebook Event


Find out more about the show

Say Wha?! The Podcast Episode 32

Say Wha Podcast

Say Wha?! The Podcast shares recordings from the comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This episode features the Toronto based comedian, formerly of Vancouver, Kyle Bottom reading from a book he owns – Happy Cat Happy You.


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Toronto Observations

I’ve been living in Toronto for a month now and I’ve noticed some things.

Drying your clothes through electrocution seems to be a viable option.


Some people really care about fashion here and some … not so much. These sandals win the award for the ugliest footwear I’ve ever seen.


The streets are dangerous – I was run off the sidewalk by this gang.

But every now and then I’ll see something that reminds me of home. Note the toe shoes.

On the upside, I haven’t seen one unicycle.

Say Wha?! The Podcast Episode 31

Say Wha Podcast

Say Wha?! The Podcast shares recordings from the comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This episode features the wonderful TJ Dawe reading from Steven Tyler’s autobiography. TJ is a great performer, writer, and director and he is touring the Fringe Festival circuit of Canada this summer. You can see his calendar HERE. Go see one of his shows, I highly recommend them.


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The Truth

Someone said to me today, “From your Twitter it looks like you’re rockin’ Toronto.”

Wha?! My Twitter has only been about the sad/ weird/ amusing things I’ve seen or thought. It’s interesting, in that funny and sad way, what people will glean from others’ social media posts.

I saw this video today that sums up what most social media is like for me, and probably you too. Watch it, it’s only 2 minutes long.

How’s this past month in Toronto been? You want the truth? How about in the form of a gif? Here you go:



I don’t post about my self-loathing, loneliness, or awkwardness of living in a new city because I don’t want to dwell on it. I over-share enough to know that not everything needs to be broadcast. When something really good or really crappy happens, trust me, you’ll know. In the meantime, you should follow me on Twitter, apparently I’m rockin’ it.


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! SAY WHA?!

I’m so excited! How excited?


Yes, Britney Spears with bad extensions excited. Why? Say Wha?! is nearly here.


Vancouver’s favourite literary/ comedy show comes to Toronto, again!

Say Wha?! is an alternative comedy show where performers put their comedic spin on some of the worst writing ever published. 

Have you ever read a poorly written novel and thought to yourself, who publishes this crap? Or come across a hilariously out of date self-help book in a thrift store? Perhaps you flipped through Tyra Banks’ young adult novel and lol’ed at her attempt at plot and dialogue. Well, that’s what Say Wha?! is all about.

Four years ago Sara Bynoe, “One of Vancouver’s most hilarious people” (WestEnder), created Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing in Vancouver, BC. Since then Say Wha?! has been featured in the Vancouver Comedy Festival, The Vancouver International Poetry Festival, The Olio Festival and was last in Toronto at Comedy Bar in September 2013 with a packed house. 

Previous shows have featured comedic readings of: Fifty Shades of Grey, How To Pick Up Topless Dancers, The Art of Talking to Anyone, Soulacoaster: Diary of Me by R. Kelly, and a book that won the Governor General Award for Literature about a woman that has sex with a bear.  

Sunday, June 15

Comedy Bar – 945 Bloor Street West


$10 available at the door or in advance.

Readers include: Craig Anderson, Amanda Brooke Perrin, Kyle Bottom, Teddy Kellogg, and Chris Wilson.

Facebook Event

Three Reasons Why You Should Come

1. The Grid TO picked it as an event you should go to.

2. I’m kinda a big deal in Vancouver.

3. Have you checked out the line-up! Some of Toronto’s best and most attractive comedic entertainers are on the show!

What’s it like? Watch this video. Or listen to the podcast. 

Say Wha?! The Podcast Episode 30


Say Wha Podcast

Say Wha?! The Podcast shares recordings from the comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In this episode host Sara Bynoe reads from Bear, an award winning Canadian novel that is shocking. Warning: bestiality, sexual content, arguably bad writing, and not the best audio quality – but you’ve got to hear this.

I even phoned the Canada Council for the Arts and asked who sat on the jury to choose this book at the winner of the Governor General’s award. You will not believe who was on that jury!


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Also, if you’re in Toronto, or know someone who is, don’t forget about the Say Wha?! show at Comedy Bar this Sunday, June 15.

Cover Girl

Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 1.41.11 PM
How do you get on the cover of the paper? Leave town, apparently. I guess it’s the consolation I get for losing my bus pass yesterday.

If you’re in Vancouver you can catch me, Dino Archie and Say Wha?! show alumni (and names in their own right) Paul Anthony and Ivan Decker on the cover of the WestEnder this week. I’m humbled, thrilled, flabbergasted, and astonished to be featured. Vancouver is full of great comedic talent, how the heck did I get included in this group?

From the article:

Funny Business

Vancouver’s comedy scene is blossoming thanks to some home-grown talent

Kelsey Klassen — WE Vancouver
June 5, 2014 01:19 PM

Vancouverites have long since earned a reputation for being as dour as our miserable weather. But like the welcome rays of sunshine on our Vitamin D-deficient faces, the brave women and men of Vancouver’s comedy scene seek to make us smile, or at least have us shoot beer out of our noses. Night after night, they take to the stage in their attempt to take over the world, one laugh at a time. Kelsey Klassen rounds up some local comedy kingpins to find what makes them tic.

Sara Bynoe 

Who are you? Sara Bynoe actor, writer, host and producer of Teen Angst Night and Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing.

Age? Why do you want to know? Are you trying to steal my identity?

Where are you from? Canada. Stop trying to steal my personal information, you crook!

What is your claim to fame? I’m the most single woman in Vancouver.

What is the Canadian equivalent of “making it”? Getting on The Mike Bullard show. Is that still on?

The comedy scene in Vancouver: Still growing, already peaked, booming? Explain… It’s growing. There are so many shows now that I never see my friends in my audience – they’re too busy doing their own shows. Y’all should check out Instant Theatre, Little Mountain, The Laugh Gallery, The Hero Show, Comedy Gems at the Emerald, The Ryan and Amy show, there are also great comedy shows happening at Hot Art Wet City and the Rio Theatre and so many more. It’s the indie comedy scene that inspires me the most.

Darkest day so far in the journey? The day I was asked to wear high heels and a trench coat and show up to an audition in Room 306 at Bosman’s Hotel.

Read the full article HERE.




I’ve been in Toronto for only 5 days.

This afternoon I was walking down the street from a successful meeting and I checked my bag for my $133 monthly Toronto Transit Commission pass.

It wasn’t there!


I never lose anything!


So I retraced my steps.


I realized I either dropped it or someone pick-pocketed me.

Then it set in.


I walked 45 minutes back to where I’m staying and felt…



Meh. It’s just money.


Wanna make me feel better? Tell your Toronto friends about my Say Wha?! show on June 15 or subscribe to the Say Wha?! show podcast.