Friday, March 27, 2020  – 6:30- 8 PM Pacific Time

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Somewhere in the back of your closet gathering dust and turning yellow with age is comedic gold: those old journals, poems, and essays you wrote as a teenager when you thought you could do no wrong. If you were to read them today you’d probably cringe at your former feelings . Now, imagine sharing them in front of an audience (Or live streamed to the Internet). That’s exactly what happens at Teen Angst Night.

Teen Angst Night is a comedic reading series. Readers can share anything (poetry, songs, letters, journals, diaries, essays, stories, plays, lists, etc) so long as it follows these rules:

1- The work must be your own.
2- You must have written it between the ages of 10-19.
3- You cannot be proud of the work you share. It’s best if you’re super embarrassed.

For the live show we will be having a Zoom meeting with all 8 readers safe from our own homes and live streamed to YouTube to watch. Feel free to live tweet or post in Instagram with #TeenAngstNight.
MONEYCan you afford to buy a ticket or donate? 

Tickets -$12 in advance on Eventbrite  Do you want to pay more or less? Here’s a link to just donate some money. 

Where the money will go?

Since 2016 10-20% of ticket sales usually get donated to CLICK – Contributing to the Lives of Inner City Kids. CLICK’s mission is to engage the community by raising funds for programs that support inner city kids so they can succeed. However, for this online event some money will be donated to the Vancouver Food Bank who is in desperate need right now. Also, we hope to give some money to the Fox Cabaret, our home venue, who has had to shut its doors completely. We need this vital community space when we are able to gather again. Of course, money will also be going to the producer (Sara Bynoe), participants, and technical staff who will the faces and content of this live stream. Most of them work in arts and culture and have lost all their incomes at this time.

Thank you for tuning in to our live stream. We hope this event can be a reminder that we’re all in this together. As a teenager you might have felt like you were alone and no one understands your pain, well we now know everyone else felt that way too.

Jackie Hoffart
Marie Shumam
Kerry Thompson
Dave Matte
Robyn Roukema
Nina Wilder
Christina Sicoli
Emma Cooper



“Sara Bynoe is charismatic” – The Georgia Straight
“A talented and charming mover-and-shaker.”-Vancouver Courier

“Actor and all-around social do-gooder.”
“Comedian and Vancouver culture maven.”-WestEnder

Sara is a peripatetic performer with an MA from Goldsmiths and a book, Teen Angst: A Celebration of Really Bad Poetry, under her belt. She’s restlessly creative and ebullient, moving from project to project with the same sense of dedication and enthusiasm.”  -Sean Cranbury – Granville Magazine
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