You might have noticed that I cancelled the 50 Shades of Say Wha?! show (scheduled for March 11). That’s because my grandmere passed away last Friday and I’m out in the Okanagan visiting my family.

She passed away two days before her 90th birthday and as much as we miss her, we know she lived a good long life. While celebrating her life we’ve raised a glass and made her famous Welsh cakes (see photos below).

She really was an incredible woman; she modeled, sang on the radio, hosted Romper Room, was a community leader who spoke three languages,  and she designed and general contracted three homes she lived in. She was an inspiration.

You might be interested in my Instagram feed for photos of her life and the stuff I’ve uncovered from her home: a make-up box from her time working for CKDA Radio, and Christmas catalogues from Eaton’s circa 1974 and 1975 are among my favorite things so far. There’s more to come.


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