I’m Here All Week

I’m hosting/ producing two shows this week and telling a story at another. Come check out the fun.


Novelty Act

Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn are back with another night of comedy, storytelling, music and joy!

Whatever happens, you know it will be warm and funny and a lipstick of a good time show party. Plus half price cocktails, so how can you go wrong?

Bynoe and Hahn can’t wait.

Tuesday, November 24
The Emerald Cabaret – 555 Gore Street
8-10 PM
$10 at the door


Generals: Audition Pieces We Wish We Could Do

Here’s the concept:
Actors usually go through a process with a theatre company called “general auditions” where they present one or two contrasting monologues for a director or two. Finding audition pieces sucks. Over the years I’ve come across texts that I wished I could do for an audition but never had the guts to until now.

Maybe people will perform a monologue from insane YouTube comments, maybe they’ll share a tirade from a reality TV show, perhaps someone will perform a monologue from the movie Troll 2. Who knows what will happen?!

Come out for a ridiculous night of acting, comedy, and theatre.

Wednesday, November 25
Cottage Bistro – 4468 Main Street
8-10 PM
Pay What You Can


Rain City Chronicles
Friday, November 27
Famee Furlane of Vancouver
2605 East Pender Street
Show at 8 PM

I’m going to be telling a downer story about my horrible family and why I don’t like Xmas. I bet most of these people will share a delightful tale:

Eva Lewis
Cory Philpott
Bryant Ross
Abby Shumka
Danny Ramada
Racquel Belmonte
Cole Nowicki
Natalie Hawryshkewich
Tamara Stanners
Toby Hargrave

Tickets $32 on Eventbrite


WHAT? You don’t have time to catch all these shows? Just check out Novelty Act on Tuesday. I’ll probably preview my monologues and Xmas story on that show. Win – Win – Win!

It’s time to Dance Dance Party Party


This starts tomorrow at the Mt Pleasant Community Centre, 1 Kingsway. 8:45-9:45pm

Originally posted on DDPP™ Vancouver, BC!:

What’s Dance Dance Party Party?

It’s a fun-focused, free-form, fitness party for ladies. The official rules are: No Boys, No Booze, No Judgement.

DDPP Vancouver has added a No Talking rule, because our sound system isn’t very loud.

It’s like having a slumber party with your best friends, only you just met them.

It’s a place where you are free to go wild. Or just wiggle in the corner if that’s your thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?  Whatever you want. But keep this in mind – YOU WILL SWEAT. I wear workout clothing: a supportive sports bra, shorts, tank top, and running shoes (because I like to bounce). You can wear a dress, a bodysuit, track-pants or jeans. You can even dance barefoot. You are the master of your own domain at DDPP. Just remember, come prepared to sweat.

What kind of music do you play? Every…

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I have a question for you

I’m working on another article about producing indie events. I’m going to focus on comedy shows and I’m curious to know what you think.

This pertains to shows which are not at a ‘comedy club’ venue ( Yuk Yuks etc.).

Thanks for answering!

Sparkle Bunny Wont Stop Dancing


Remember Sparkle Bunny?

I created the character back when I was attending Studio 58 and wrote a 20 minute solo show about her for my final project. She then lived on as a Fringe show, and in videos like this.

Well, Sparkle Bunny is still alive. At least in the eyes of judges. A year or two ago my friend Matthew Kowalchuk and I cowrote a script based on my character and we were finalists for a film competition. Now we are one of five final scripts for a competition called Hot Shots  

The purpose of the contest is to provide sponsorship and monetary support to an exceptional local short film script that might not otherwise have the opportunity to be made into a film. It was founded by Ed Brando (William F White International Inc.), Paul Armstrong (Celluloid Social Club), Aaron Houston (‘Sunflower Hour’), and Scott Campbell.

Last week the script I cowrote was read at the Cold Reading Series. I wasn’t there, but apparently it got a lot of laughs. 

This Sunday we are pitching it to the judges. I’m the only girl involved in the competition this year. Which is kind of bitter sweet. 

I know it’s a weird request, but if you could you put out some good ‘vibes’ and send Sparkle Bunny some PLUR, this Sunday afternoon I’d really appreciate it. We will be pitching our fun, playful, and comedic script that’s about growing up and accepting yourself for who you are, sparkles and all. 

There’s something about Sparkle Bunny that continues to resonate with people, and for that I am grateful. 

Head Shots


Getting head shots is my least favorite part of being an actor. However, I just had a lovely session with Melanie Kelly, whom I’ve known for years, and I think I had my best session yet.

It’s hard to control my expressive face and dance-spazy body in photos but Melanie told me exactly what I needed to hear to get more of a ‘commercial’ look. Here’s hoping I can book that toothpaste ad so all those years of orthodontics can be paid off.

The Man in the Red Jacket

I recently made this video for a contest. Sadly, I did not win. Boo! Boo-urns.

But, I did get to spend a day with this very fun man who is one of the most memorable volunteers I’ve ever met. If you’re at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and visit the Fringe bar you’ll be sure to see him. When you do, be sure to shake his hand and tell him I sent ya.

Rose Petal Place


Last weekend on Facebook I joined the masses by changing my profile pic to a picture of a cartoon I adored when I was little to raise awareness about violence against children. Or so that was the motivation. It wasn’t peer pressure or anything.

The obvious choice for me would be to choose Rainbow Brite, but because I never like going with the crowd even when I am, I had to pick something else.  So, I searched my memory for the obscure and remembered this doll I had, and still have somewhere in my boxes of childhood memorabilia, whose hair smelled (and still faintly does) of roses. Her name is Rose Petal. I thought I made up the story and imagined that there was a cartoon about her, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet I was able to find some proof in no time.

And now, I give you my childhood nostalgia:

The Story of Rose Petal Place

If you have a half hour to kill, watch this episode where little people who are also flowers recite Shakespeare.

Yeah, it all makes sense now how I became what I am. It’s all thanks to wonderful 80s cartoons like this.